List of Accepted Papers

Leveraging Contextual Text Representations for Anonymizing German Financial Documents
D. Biesner, R. Ramamurthy, M. Lübbering, B. Fürst, H. Ismail, L. Hillebrand, A. Ladi, M. Pielka, R. Stenzel, T. Khameneh, V. Krapp, I. Huseynov, J. Schlums, U. Stoll, U. Warning, B. Kliem, C. Bauckhage and R. Sifa
“The Cat is Out of the Bag” Explainable Risk Ranking with Financial Reports
T. Lin, R. Sun, H. Chang, C. Wang and M. Tsai
Economic News Impact Analysis Using Causal-Chain Search from Textural Data
K. Izumi, S. Suda and H. Sakaji
The Automated Venture Capitalist: Data and Methods to Predict the Fate of Startup Ventures
M. Ghassemi, C. Song and T. Alhanai
A Robust Transferable Deep Learning Framework for Cross-sectional Investment Strategy
K. Nakagawa, M. Abe and J. Komiyama
Modeling Institutional Credit Risk with Financial News
T. Tran-The
WATTNet: Learning to Trade FX via Hierarchical Spatio-Temporal Representation of Highly Multivariate Time Series
M. Poli, J. Park and I. Ilievski
Multi-View Risk Classification for Customer Due Diligence
J. Huesca, S. Zon, W. Ipenburg, J. Veldsink and M. Pechenizkiy
Discrete Knowledge Graph Embedding based on Discrete Optimization
Y. Li, S. Xu, Z. Fu, S. Liu, B. Liu, X. Chen and Y. Zhang
Classifying and Understanding Financial Transaction Data Using Graph Neural Network
X. Li, J. Saude, P. Reddy and M. Veloso
Mining company sustainability reports to aid financial decision-making
T. Goel, P. Jain, I. Verma, L. Dey and S. Paliwal
A Tool for Automatic Extraction of Information from Company Web Sites in the Field of International Servitization
G. Berend, C. Stadlmann, S. Mang and M. Überwimmer
Reddit: A Novel Online Financial Consultancy
L. Manikonda and S. Divey
Label Augmentation via Time-based Knowledge Distillation for Financial Anomaly Detection
H. Shen and E. Kursun